Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds: Investing potential and market comparison

Lab-grown diamonds

Exploring Diamonds: Real vs. Lab-Grown

Let’s dive into the world of lab-grown diamonds and their potential for investors. Lab-grown diamonds have seen remarkable growth, with the market skyrocketing from €1 billion in 2016 to €12 billion in 2022. In fact, half of all diamonds sold last year were lab-grown. People are drawn to them not only because they’re eco-friendly but also because they can be much more affordable than natural diamonds.

And the best part? Most of us can’t even tell the difference!

The Advantages of Lab-Grown Diamonds

One major advantage of lab-grown diamonds is the production process. While natural diamonds can incur a whopping 98% loss during mining, lab-grown diamonds face a minimal 2% loss. Plus, thanks to advancements, these diamonds can now be created in just one month.

Investment Opportunities

The value of both natural and lab-grown diamonds has decreased in recent years, but lab-grown diamonds have taken a bigger hit. Why? Well, the process of making them has become more efficient and, as a result, cheaper.

Lab-grown diamonds are the fastest-growing segment in the luxury goods industry, boasting a remarkable 38% growth in one year. So, how can investors tap into this growth?

Investors need to tread carefully, though. The major player, Stone Lab Grown Diamonds, isn’t publicly traded. Instead, investors might want to consider smaller options like Signet Jewelers, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Signet Jewelers, a leader in selling jewelry, has started offering its own lab-grown stones. Trading at around $100 with an expected profit per share of $10 in 2024, it currently has a P.E. of 10.

Another contender in the market is Adamas One Corp, a pure lab-grown diamond company. While they have an intriguing video on their website explaining their process, they’re not yet profitable, so caution is advised.


In conclusion, the lab-grown diamond industry is booming, but it’s not without risks. For those interested in exploring investment opportunities, consider reaching out! Let’s grab coffee, share insights, and discuss how to start your investment journey

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