Stocks for the Experienced investor

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Investing in stocks is becoming more and more popular nowadays. To achieve financial freedom investing in stocks can be a good medium.

Anyone can buy and sell financial products on the stock market whenever they want! However, in order to be successful, in the long term, an investor in stocks should have a plan based on a strategy.

In this course we challenge investors, whom already have knowledge and experience on the stock market, to look at stocks from a different angle.

Together we develop an investment plan enabling you to be successful on the stock market.

The course is for people that invest in stocks but also for people who trade stocks very actively.



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About this course

To complete the course it will take you around 9-10 hours (if you will study non-stop). But, in practice, it will take a couple of weeks. You decide when to start when to take a break, where to do it and for how long you will study.

The only thing we ask you to do is do the whole course in three months. We believe that that is the maximum time frame to stay connected to learn the basics about stocks.

The course exists of around 40 videos, all recorded by our own teachers. It is completely interactive, which means after every chapter you have to complete a test. In the end, you have to do your exam, which can only be completed with an eight or higher. By completion, you will get an official certificate, the reader of the course, and a bonus item that all investors need, but only a few have… 

Course Curriculum

  1. History of the stock market
  2. Investing in stocks
  3. Why should you invest in stocks?
  4. More in depth about the functionality of the stock market
  5. Risk and Return
  6. Fundamental analysis
  7. Technical analysis
  8. Interpretation of macro events
  9. Your investment plan


Stocks for the Experienced investor

The value you receive
  • 3 experienced teachers with 60 years of experience
  • 9-10 hours worth of content
  • Around 40 videos about stocks
  • Your personal investment plan
  • Your own certificate
  • Bonus lessons
  • Guest speaker
  • Live chat- and email support