Options for the Experienced investor

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This course is perfect for investors with experience trading options and who know that you can protect your shares from market drops with options. Options are slightly more complex financial products than, for example, stocks. The more you know about them, the more successful you will be. If you have never traded options, please start with the course Options for Beginners.

What more can options do for you?

  • Generate cash flow; by selling call options on your stocks
  • Protect your shares from a market drop

What we cover in this course

  • Generate cash flow trading options
  • Combining straddles and strangles
  • How to protect your portfolio
  • Unravel how professionals in the industry use options
  • How to control your risk
  • Practical examples of put-spreads
  • How to build option positions without choosing a market direction
  • Iron condor & butterfly strategies
  • Hands-on demos of examples and techniques directly in a trading environment

Do you want to be a successful investor? Then make your best investment so far and start now!

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About this course

• 33 professional recorded videos
• Interactive, each chapter has a test to complete
• 10-12 hours of valuable content
• Bonus lessons
• Final exam at the end
• Official certificate

Course Curriculum

  1. Refresh your knowledge
  2. The price of an option
  3. Implied volatility and standard deviation
  4. Margin
  5. Option strategies
  6. Call spreads
  7. Put spreads
  8. Long call, short put
  9. Long put & short call
  10. Long & short straddles
  11. Long & short strangles
  12. Iron condor
  13. Ratio put spread
  14. Butterfly

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Options for the Experienced investor

The value you receive
  • 3 experienced teachers with 60 years of experience
  • 14 -16 hours worth of content
  • Around 40 videos about options
  • Your personal investment plan
  • Your own certificate
  • Bonus lessons
  • Guest speaker
  • Live chat- and email support