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Did you know you can use options to protect your shares against a drop in value? Name one other type of insurance where that is possible.
Options enable us to buy shares at a discount!
So why don’t many private investors use these instruments, but professional investors do with great success?
The answer is simple. Private investors do not take the time to grasp how they work.

Options are more complex financial products than Stocks. Therefore it is even more important to learn the basics before investing in them

Our teachers at Academy for Investors are from the Netherlands.  The Netherlands is the country in Europe where options are used most by private investors. Options go back 400 years! 

Use the in-depth knowledge and experience from our teachers to your benefit and start with the course’ Options for Beginners’

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About this course

  • 44 professional recorded videos
  • Interactive, each chapter has a test to complete
  • 10-12 hours of valuable content
  • Bonus lessons
  • Final exam at the end
  • Official certificate
  • Free reader; a complete summary of the course

Course Curriculum

  1. Background & History 
  2. What is an option?
  3. Why invest in options?
  4. What is a call-option?
  5. What is a put-option?
  6. Characteristics of option contracts
  7. The price of an option
  8. When to buy and sell call options?
  9. When to buy and sell put options?
  10. Summary and conclusion

 Free extra’s; 

  1. Bonus lessons 

What our students have to say

Options for Beginners

The value you receive
  • 3 professional teachers with 60 years of experience
  • Content based on 20 yrs of working with investors
  • 31 videos on how to earn money using options
  • 10-12 hours' worth of content
  • Personalized Certificate of Achievement
  • Reader with all lessons learnt
  • Bonus lessons
  • Live-Chat on the website
  • E-mail support

Our student's experience with us

I cannot wait to start with the advanced course

Ludo Aerts graduated at the University of Leuven (Belgium) with great honors as a "master in civil engineering" and a "master of science in industrial and systems management ".