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Introduction: Option and forex
1. Options part 1
2. What is an option?
3. Why should you invest in options?
4. What is a call option?
5. What is a put option?
6. Characteristics of option contracts
7. The price of an option
Time value
8. When to buy and sell call options?
9. When to buy and sell put options?
Bonus lessons
Coaching sesión
Options part 2
11. The price of an option
Lesson Content
Lesson Content
12. Implied volatility and standard deviation
13. Margin
14. Introduction to option strategies
Exclusive interview - Former Market Maker
15. Call spreads
16. Put spreads
17. Long call & short put (synthetic shares)
18. Long put & short call
19. Long & short straddles
Bonus lessons
20. Long & short strangles
21. Iron condor
22. Ratio put spread
23. Butterfly
Bonus lesson
24. Strategies resume
Coaching 2
26. Importance and impact of FX
27. Forex terminology
Lesson Content
Lesson Content
28. Different currency pairs
29. Creating a vision on FX
30. Hedge your FX risk
31. Example portfolio basic
32. How to trade FX
Bonus Lesson - Interview FX specialist
34. FX options
35. FX robots