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Why Academy for investors?

  • Working with investors daily since 1999
  • Teaching students through the Academy since 2004
  • Courses are based on real-life training experiences
  • Passionate about investing 

The recognized quality of NLBA - NVAO accredited

The high level of our courses is guaranteed as NVAO recognized Master and Bachelor trainers. The courses are provided by experienced professionals who, in addition to their teaching position, also hold a position in the business community or government. They are professionals with an impressive CV and they are often affiliated with other Dutch universities or have management or training experience at the larger companies in the Netherlands.

About the Short Master

A unique education in the field of investing! Moreover, this is the only short Master’s program in the Netherlands. This short master really covers everything about investing in the stock market. A very complete training of approximately half a year.

This Short Master Investing (partly online and partly offline) is suitable for people who have never invested before, but also for investors with experience. Based on an intake interview, it is determined how you will enter and which exemptions you have. HBO working and thinking level is a requirement for following this short Master Investing. As a private investor you want to invest more successfully or raise your level within your work.

The basis of this course is online, in addition there are several one-on-one sessions between the student, the teachers and fellow students.

Nowadays anyone can open an investment account and start investing. But what characterizes a successful investor? Because the creators of this master have more than 60 years of combined experience in training and daily coaching of investors, they know exactly what a successful investor does and what not! All this knowledge and especially experiences have been bundled and brought together in this Master’s programme.
The theory of all products is discussed, but more importantly how to apply this in practice. You learn which strategies work for whom and why. Only a few private investors know this. This will give you a huge head start!

A few examples:

– You know the investment world from A to Z
– You know everything about shares; the written and unwritten rules
– How do you make your own investment plan?
– How do you apply technical and fundamental analyses?
– You know all the ins-and-outs of options; you know the risks and you know where the opportunities lie
– How to get extra cash flow from your investments
– How to hedge your risks
– You know exactly which option strategy to apply when and how;
– How to invest and trade in Forex
– How to hedge currencies
– How to build a custom bond portfolio?
– How to make your portfolio sustainable
– On the basis of writing your paper, it is tested how you can independently apply the course material in practice.

The chance that you will become a successful investor increases significantly after completing this short Master. At the end of this course you will have the same knowledge of theory and practice as many professional investors!

The makers of Kort Master Investing
The Short Master Investing was developed by the people who co-founded the first online broker in the Netherlands in 1999 and the first Investors Academy in 2004. The team behind this course has more than 60 years of experience in guiding and coaching investors on a daily basis. All this knowledge and experience has been implemented in this partly online & offline master. The theory is of course discussed extensively. But, this course is unique because of the red

thread in this practice. The practice that demonstrably works. The course has been compiled by the academy for investors in collaboration with the accredited dutch business academy.
The teachers have been investors themselves for decades and have developed the master together with investors so that theory and practice go hand in hand.

The master consists for the most part of more than 200 videos! After each chapter you have to answer a few questions online and if you do it right, the next chapter will be released. This makes it a fun and interactive master with the aim of fully preparing you to become a successful investor. In addition to the interactive online part, there is also one-on-one guidance from the team of teachers. After completing the master’s you will receive an official certificate and a summary so that you can always do reference work. You will also receive an Edu badge.

Invest in yourself and start now with this short Master Investing.



Investing Course, Online courses learn to invest
Kaspar Huijsman
Director Academy for Investors

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Investing Course, Online courses learn to invest

Kaspar Huijsman 

Kaspar worked for BinckBank for over 22 years. He launched the Spanish operation in 2006, initially to support Dutch ex-pat investors in Spain – a service that subsequently expanded to include other ex-pat residents and non-residents throughout the country. A seasoned expert in investing, he offers seminars throughout Spain and Portugal, explaining how the platform works and how to assess the risks associated with investments.

Martin Totté 

Martin is an experienced account manager who was part of the Spanish BinckBank team for over eight years. “For me, the most important thing is that clients keep their portfolios together when markets are bearish. Resisting reflex impulses is more often than not rewarded in the mid to longer-term. Teaching our clients which instruments to use at what moment is my main goal.”

Taco te Gussinklo 

Taco was an active trader before he joined the team as an account manager. “It’s nice to pass that knowledge on and show people how to invest, whether they are experienced investors or people who have simply decided to take more control of their money. Our door is always open to them.”

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