1.4 The first stock exchange

Stock exchanges are not just market places where people shout and aim to make money, they represent free markets. Often buildings that house stock exchanges become symbols of capital markets. Generally speaking, a stock exchangeu2019s performance also represents the situation of a countryu2019s financial health.

The buildings where stock exchanges are located are often in prominent locations in prime cities. The largest stock exchange in the world is on Wall Street in New York City. It was founded in 1817. The London Stock Exchange, also a large stock exchange, moved to the prime location on Paternoster Square in 2004. The oldest stock exchange in Asia was founded in India ‘the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The founder of the Academy for Investors, Kaspar Huijsman shows you briefly the stock market of Oporto, built in 1842 and inaugurated in 1891.

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