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Learning to invest in the stock market is not easy, eventhough you hear numerous stories of how people got super rich by trading stock you do not hear the many more stories of people loosing money. in this course we will teach you the basics to be sucessful on the stock market. (sample text)

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What You'll Learn in This Course


How to manage risk

risk is everthing when investing on the stock market


The plan

always stick to the plan, that's how you become successful


The long game

we have to focus on the long game to be successful

Kaspar Huijsman

In 1999 we founded the first online broker in the Netherlands. After just one year we were the market leader and we never gavethat position away…In 2004 our clients asked us to help them with their investments. Until then we did offer a state-of-the-art platform, however, it became evident that to be successful on the stock market you must also have:

Kaspar Huijisman

- Academy director

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