Options and Forex for Beginners and Experienced

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Course Content

1. Background & history
2. What is an option?
3. Why should you invest in options?
4. What is a call-option?
5. What is a put-option?
6. Characteristics of option contracts
7. The price of an option
Time value
Summary - Price of an option
8. When to buy and sell call options?
9. When to buy and sell put options
Bonus lessons
10. Summary and conclusion
1. Introduction - refresh your knowledge
2. The price of an option
Lesson Content
Lesson Content
3. Implied volatility and standard deviation
4. Margin
5. Introduction to option strategies
Exclusive interview - Retired market maker
Coaching session 2
6. Call spreads
7. Put spreads
8. Long call, short put (synthetic shares)
9. Long put & short call
10. Long & short straddles
Bonus lesson
11. Long & short strangles
12. Iron condor
13. Ratio put spread
14. Butterfly
Bonus lesson
15. Strategies resume
Module 3: FX
17. Importance and impact of FX
18. Forex terminology
19. Different currency pairs
20. Creating a vision on FX
21. Hedge your FX risk
22. Example basic portfolio
23. How to trade FX
24. How to trade FX
Bonus lesson - Interview FX specialist
25. FX options
26. FX forwards